The olive oil with a designation of origin Tuscia PDO was recognized in October 2005, with Regulation (EC) No. 1623.

oliotusciaThe production area includes 53 municipalities in the province of Viterbo, a territory – known as Tuscia – where olive growing is widely spread, with specialized groves having from 150 to 300 trees per hectare, and intensive ones having more than 300 trees per hectare. Olive oil is produced from olives of the cultivars Frantoio, Canino and Leccino, grown separately or jointly for at least 90%. Other cultivars can be added up to a maximum of 10%. This olive oil, very much liked for its smoothness and savouriness, stands out for its emerald green color with golden hues, a fruity odour reminiscent of fresh olives picked at the perfect ripening stage, a fruity flavor, characterised by a balanced bitter and spicy aftertaste.