Itrana_3The only olive oil designation of ori¬gin in the province of Latina, this PDO has been recognised in 2010, through Regulation (EC) No. 259. The production area includes 25 mu¬nicipalities that have a particular and original bond with this product.

It is, in fact, an olive oil that presents the territory and that is the result of centuries of cultivation developed around the Gaeta olive: a unique system that, starting from the sea and subsequently extending along the foothills and hills of the Mounts Lepini, Ausoni and Aurunci, has allowed, over time, the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

IMG_0174Therefore, we talk about a product deeply rooted to the local social structure and a territory that, over the centuries, has created a strong bond with this precious plant and its fruit, the unique and evocative heritage of this area.

The soil and Mediterranean clima¬te contribute to consolidate balance and harmony, the main characteristics of the Colline Pontine PDO olive oil, with its colour varying from green to a more or less intense yellow and characterised by the presence of a medium to inten¬se fruity green olive, with an almond aftertaste and typical grass notes; a typical scent is green tomato, absent in other territories. The co¬lour, in particular, is linked to the har¬vesting period of olives, that, owing to the “scalar” ripening, may begin in November and last until 31st January of the following year: this enables producers and processors to plan the olive harvest on the basis of the different seasonal factors.